THE MARKETEERS | History    
  ‘The Marketeers’ is an outcome and result of the conflux of Distribution and Marketing minds from the best in the industry..  The formation of ‘The Marketeers’ took place with the coming together of 2 seasoned players from top notch MNC’s and Indian organizations (having worked with corporate like Coca Cola India, Hindustan Unilever, Henkel Spic, Godfrey Philips, Parry’s, VST Industries, ICICI Bank ltd, Indiamart Intermesh, ESCOTEL) with a combined experience of more than 39 man years .  
  The challenge being that Distribution, Placement & Marketing has seen new dimensions in the last two decade, with the opening of the Indian economy since 90’s, Indian markets were not the same again and have seen new challenges especially with the introduction of new channels and more foreign players entering the markets with each passing year. This all requires newer and speedy actions for any new player to set a foothold.