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  ‘The Marketeers’ is an outcome and result of the conflux of Distribution and Marketing minds from the best in the industry..  The formation of ‘The Marketeers’ took place with the coming together of 2 seasoned players from top notch MNC’s and Indian organizations.  
  What it means for you is a one stop shop for all your requirements to tap the huge potential of the ever growing but fast changing Indian market.  
  You may have a great product or a concept, coupled with us; we can convert it to a more meaningful venture.  
  Browse the site for more details of drop us a mail for your specific requirement.   
  CEO Speak "We look at the past and keep an open mind for times to come to build a robust structure and plan for a good slice of the market. " More »  
  Client Testimonial "I am delighted at the pace with which The Marketeers has opened up markets for us by getting me channel partners, this has resulted in giving my business a quantum jump.
Elbee Gulati,MD MartinsFuniture
". More »